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    8th October 2019

    Are you going to Paris Games Week?

    We will be at Game Connection in Paris for Paris Games Week, let's meet up and discuss...

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    Client Testimonials

    Change Limited deals with some of the big names in the games industry. Here's what some of our clients have to say about us:

    Amuzo LogoMonica has always been able to fully understand our business needs find precisely the right candidates when we've needed them. Her understanding of the particular requirements that games industry business and professionals demand is second to none. I've enjoyed working with Monica time and again throughout a lengthy video games career and highly recommend her and all the staff at Change.

    Rich Holdsworth, Amuzo

    Candidate Testimonials

    Eidos Montreal LogoI cannot thank the superb Monica at Change Job enough for all her help and understanding. I had been unemployed for 10 months and she got me a job in one week! Life changing.

    Robert Jameson, Eidos Montreal

    CCP Games LogoI've dealt with a number of different agents and recruiters in the last few years and I have to say that none of them were anywhere near as good. I love the way she kept things nice and simple which I believe is very important for people like us artists, that easily get depressed by all the boring stuff that you have to deal with when changing companies. At the same time she is the most professional out of all the agents I\'ve dealt with before - there was less than a week between when we first spoke and me having an interview for a position that was perfect for me and that I ended up being hired for.
    She seems to understand the industry ways and artists\' needs really well, which is very refreshing in a universe where one would often get job offers for cartoony art style while having a realistic sci-fi portfolio posted.
    I can't thank her enough for doing what she does!

    Pavel, CCP Games

    Riot LogoMonica is a hard working professional who I would highly recommend. She is dedicated and understands perfectly our industry. Thanks again for your precious help.

    Sylvain, Riot

    TT Games LogoI can\'t thank Monica enough for her help of the long process of finding a new job. Not only for the search itself, which is definitely hard, but also for related tasks like improving your CV, learn how to introduce yourself and go through the interviews. She helped me during the searches, several ones, and also later, to settle myself in the new company. I highly recommend her skills

    Ruggero, TT Games

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